14 Şubat 2009 Cumartesi

Butterflies from Sivas

Cigaritis maxima (Large Silver Line)

Polyommatus ossmar

This butterfly is very important, because it is very local species in Turkey.

Polyommatus ossmar

Polyommatus daphnis (male)

This butterfly is one of the common species in Sivas. We saw it lots of habitat.

Polyommatus daphnis (female)

Melanargia larissa

This butterfly is very common in Sivas..

Plebeius loewii

What a beautiful blue. I like its color..

Polyommatus poseidon

Lycaena alciphron

Polyommatus menalcas

Its group is Agrodiaetus, which is difficult to identify. But this butterfliy is easily one.

Polyommatus daphnis

Butterflies from Kayseri

Polyommatus amandus

Pyrgus sidae (Yellow Banded Skipper)

Lampides boeticus (Long Tailed Blue)

Euchloe ausonia (Dappled White)

Cupido osiris (Osiris Blue)

Argynnis niobe (Niobe Fritillary)

Thymelicus sylvestris (Small scipper)

Butterflies from Istanbul University Avcilar

Vanessa cardui (Painted Lady)

Melanargia galathea (Marbled White)

Colias crocea (Clouded Yellow)

Polyommatus icarus (Common Blue)

Butterflies from Sariyer

Melitae cinxia
(Glanville Fritillary)

Satyrium ilicis (Ilex Hairstreak)

Thymelices sylvestris
(Small Scipper)

Coenonympha arcania
(Pearly Health)

Maniola jurtina
(Meadow Browns)

Vanessa cardui
(Painted Lady)

Pieris rapae
(Small White)

My first butterfly photo

Iphiclides podalirus (Scarce Swallowtail) is the my first butterfly photo. I took this photo with my friend's camera in Sarıyer.. You can see lots of Scarce Swallowtail and Swalowtail in Sarıyer.